Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems
General Purpose Vibration Test Systems
Shimadzu AG-X Series
Shinken G-0 Series
The Shinken G-0 Series Vibration Test Systems consist of all-round rugged, high quality vibration generators energy-efficient solid-state PWM power amplifiers, ideally suited to any vibration tests requiring high reliability such as MIL, IEC and JIS...
Miniature Vibration Test Systems
   Shimadzu UH Series Shinken G-2 Series
The Shinken G-2 Series Miniature Vibration Test System, though compact and handy, consists of a sweep oscillator, sine controller, power amplifier and vibration generator, thus suited to a variety of applications, calibration of sensors, standardized vibration tests for small parts...
High Frequency Vibration Test Systems
   Shimadzu UH Series Shinken G-4 Series
The Shinken G-4 Series Vibration Test Systems have been designed for high frequency vibration tests over 10KHz, ranging from the small 49N VTS to the medium-sized 2.94kN VTS, suited to calibration and characteristic tests of various sensors...
3-axis Vibration Test Systems
   Shimadzu UH Series Shinken G-6-3 Series
The Shinken G-6-3 Series Vibration Test Systems, the ultimate systems for vibration tests at present, are capable of exciting specimens simultaneously in three directions: 2 horizontal directions (X and Y) and 1 vertical direction (Z), thus realizing more existent vibration than any conventional single-axis vibration test systems...
2-axis Vibration Test Systems
   Shimadzu UH Series Shinken G-8-2 Series
The Shinken G-8-2 Series Vibration Test Systems are capable of exciting a specimen in two directions (horizontal and vertical) simultaneously as well as in each direction independently, thus suiting vibration tests of specimens...
Vibration Test Systems for Transportation Tests
   Shimadzu UH Series Shinken G-9 Series
The Shinken G-9 Series Vibration Test Systems, featured by high eccentric moment and a large loading table supported by the unique rigid lateral suspension structure, are suited to transportation tests for relatively large specimens, packaged goods and electric apparatus...
Combined Environmental Test Systems
   Shimadzu UH Series Shinken PV-K Series
The Shinken PV-K Series climatic temperature / humidity chambers (Espec Corporation) can be combined with G-0N and G-9 Series Vibration Test Systems for combined environmetnal tests of temperature/humidity and vibration for various parts, components and units...