Shimadzu SMV-300
Automatic Mooney Viscometer
Shimadzu Dynamic Ultra Micro Hardness Tester
  Easy-to-use man-machine interface  
  Set the test conditions and display results with simple LCD touch-panel operations.  
  Superior temperature recovery characteristics  
  The optimally controlled film heaters ensure significantly faster temperature recovery after sample loading and improve temperature control stability.
Faster recovery of the die temperature to the test temperature improves test efficiency.
  Stress Relaxation Measurements  
  In conformance to ASTM D 1646.  
  Variable Rotor Speed  
  Using this feature permits evaluation of milling at high shear rates, makes viscosity differences between samples more apparent by varying the strain, and allows viscoelastic evaluations impossible with other methods. The speed can be set from 0.052 to 0.523 rad/s (0.5 to 5 rpm) in increments of 0.1 rpm.  
  Easy Cleaning  
  The new models retain the popular post-test rotor push-up mechanism and simple measurement mechanisms, offer surface treatment of the rotor and radial V-groove die to resist sample adhesion, and feature O-ring seals.  
  Convenient Analysis Functions  
  The models boast comprehensive data analysis functions, including statistical calculations, data editing, and graph displays  
  Dual Calibration Functions  
  Electrical sensitivity calibration by simple touch-panel operation as well as torque calibration with weights ensure highly reliable measurements.  
  Simple Windbreak Functions  
  Simple windbreak functions eliminate effects from the ambient environment during measurement  
  Intermediate Result Confirmation  
  When multiple measurement conditions are input, the intermediate test results can be displayed on the screen and checked for any setting at any time during measurement, not just after measurement is complete.  
  Printing and Data Output Features as Standard  
  Select between an A4 inkjet printer and thermal roll-paper printer (printers are options). Communication is via RS-232C interface. Standard data output functions can transfer all measured data (test conditions, test results, raw data) to a PC.  
  Warm-up Function  
  The warm-up function starts heating to the set temperature at a fixed date and time.  
  Superior Safety  
  Two hands are required to start test operation, ensuring safety. When the optional windbreaker casing is used, the auto-start function automatically starts the test when the door is closed. The overload prevention and overheat prevention mechanisms further enhance safety.  
  Test-over Buzzer  
  The buzzer sounds to notify that the test is complete