Shimadzu MCT-W Series
Micro Compression Testing Machine
Shimadzu AG-X Universal Testing Machine
The Shimadzu MCT-W Series micro-compression testers evaluate the strength of micro-components, micro-particles, and fine fibers used in new materials.
Types of Testable Materials  
  • Ceramic particle
  • Fine metallic powder
  • Resin particles
  • Pigments
  • Food source powders
  • Pharmaceuticals (micro-capsules)
  • Fine fibers
  Micro Compression Displacement Measurement  
  To enable evaluation of compression characteristics of various micro materials, the MCT-W series provides models with two different resolution and measurement ranges:
  • measurement range up to 100µm and resolution of 0.01µm.
  • measurement range up to 10µm and resolution of 0.01µm
  Wide Load Range  
  The MCT-W Series is available in two different test forces: maximum test forces of 4900mN and 1960mN.  
  Highly Accurate Measurement  
  Test force are applied at an accuracy of less than ±1% of the set or displayed test force.  
  Measurement of Specimen Dimension Provided as Standard  
  The specimen dimension measurement function that uses an overhead image (provided as standard) enables determination of the geometrical mean diameter and length of the specimen.  
  Length Measurement on PC Screen and Saving of Images(optional)  
  Use the optional length measurement kit (color or monochrome) to display the overhead image on the PC screen to measure the length of the specimen. The image can also be saved as digital data.  
  Display of Specimen Images During Compression (optional)  
  An image captured in side observation during compression can be displayed (the optional side observation kit is required).  
  Testing also Possible under High-Temperature Conditions (optional system)  
  Testing can be performed in temperature conditions ranging from 50 to 250°C