Shimadzu EZTest Series
Table-Top Universal Tester
Shimadzu AG-X Universal Testing Machine
  The EZTest is your best partner for material testing. Applications vary but can include foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, precision and electronic parts and education  
  Easy Operation  
  All you have to do is push the START button. The EZTest will show the maximum load, breakdown displacement, etc on digital LED displays. You do not have to make troublesome settings of testing parameters.
The LED displays present either the actual loads or the stress values and either the elongations or the strain values, the selection being made by simple key operation
  High precision and high reliability  
  Loads are measured with a precision less than 1% of the indicated value, within the range from 1/1 to 1/250 of the rated load. Auto tuning of control parameters is now possible in real time, based on measured test force and strain data. Comparisons can be safely made with unknown sample data, without the need for preliminary tests.  
  Load-displacement curves on the optimum scale  
  Load-displacement curves are recorded on any user-selectable scale, within the range from 1/1 to 1/10 of the rated load. Also, the displacements (crosshead movements) are recorded on an arbitrary full scale on the recorder.  
  Various functions for high productivity of tests  
  • One-touch load zero adjustment
  • One-touch crosshead return to the zero point
  • Filing of testing parameters
  • Detection of breakdown point of specimens
  • Fine positioning of crosshead
  • Automatic load calibration
  • Trapezium2 - The Windows®-based TRAPEZIUM2 software allows various testing operations from simple test control to complicated control patterns created by the user. With its visual wizard settings and the industry's first operation navigation system, data obtained from the test can be processed based on various standards.
  • Trapezium Lite - For repeated testing with even simpler operation
  • Rheometer Software - Texture evaluation software for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  EZ-L Testing Applications  
Rubber Tensile Test Using 5kN Screw-Type Flat Grips and SES-1000 Extensometer
O-ring Tensile Testing Using Rotating Roller Grip
  EZ-S Testing  
Food Packaging Bag Tensile Testing
Lipstick Bending Test