Shimadzu EZGraph Series
High-Rigid, Highly Precise and Wise Speed Control
Shimadzu AG-X Universal Testing Machine
  Engineered for precise, high-speed testing of precision parts, medical devices, & electronic components, Shimadzu's space-saving EZGraph enables precise measurements of various materials utilizing a wide range of test speed  
  High-Speed Data Sampling  
  Selectable from 1.25msec (for 25 seconds) to 5msec intervals, the ultra high-speed sampling enables extremely accurate measurement of test force effects in the elastic or break regions.
Under normal sampling conditions (10msec), it is possible to set the sampling intervals by test force and displacement, which are effective for relaxation and creep tests. The test force and displacement intervals can be set at user-defined values, such as at 1N intervals and at 0.1 mm intervals
  Wide Range of Test Speeds  
  Utilizing a servo motor, the EZGraph can operate in a wide range of test speeds with an ultra-low crosshead speed range of 0.00005 to 1000 mm/min, and crosshead speed precision of ±0.1%.
Tests are possible up to the maximum capacity for the entire speed range
  Smart Controller  
  The unique hand-held Smart Controller enables fine specimen positioning adjustments to be performed easily and facilitates operation of the crosshead and automatic extensometer.  
  Safety Features  
  • Over-stroke limiter! Range of the crosshead is limited mechanically; for detection, a highly reliable photoelectric sensor is used
  • Dual emergency stop switches
  Controller (either can be chosen)  
  To carry out test conditions settings and data processing using a PC - Smart Controller for MS

To carry out all operations using the test machine main unit - Touch Panel Operation Unit for MO
  The Windows®-based TRAPEZIUM2 software allows various testing operations from simple test control to complicated control patterns created by the user. With its visual wizard settings and the industry's first operation navigation system, data obtained from the test can be processed based on various standards.