Shimadzu EHF-E Series
Shimadzu Servopulser
Shimadzu Dynamic Test Machine
The Shimadzu Servopulser is a complete dynamic behavioral evaluation system with fully digital electro-hydraulic servo controller with high speed loading and data acquisition. This evaluates the dynamic characteristics (dynamic spring, damping factors, etc) as a function of a maximum loading of 500Hz of vibration proof materials such as rubber and plastics. This can also be used for toughness (fatigue) testing or static strength testing for safety evaluation. Optional application software (Windows™ versions available) helps users through every step of the data processing.

The Shimadzu EHF-E Series is the Servopulser with the most standard loading frame type. It requires a small installation space and is suited to the testing of formed specimens and small parts.
  • The highly rigid frame prevents buckling of specimens and saves losses in hydraulic energy due to frame deformation.
  • The crosshead hydraulic drive mechanism simplifies crosshead vertical movement and clamping.
  • Various test jigs and environment control devices can be attached.
  • Major test applications: evaluation of metal and plastic specimens
  • Fracture toughness testing, testing of standard specimens and small parts.