Shimadzu Autograph AG-X Series
Precision Universal Tester
Shimadzu AG-X Universal Testing Machine
Reliable, stress-free workflow
  Experience unsurpassed reliability and operability with the new Shimadzu Autograph AG-X series that delivers high-level controlled measurement performance thanks to technology taken from earlier models. Development of this series focused on intuitive operation and convenient support functions, resulting in standard equipment that includes both a color TFT touch panel screen for PC-free operation and the very popular Smart Controller operation unit seen on many of our earlier testing machines. The TRAPEZIUM X software has also been newly developed using cutting-edge Microsoft .NET technology to enhance user-friendliness. Shimadzu's new AG-X series advances testing in three areas: performance, operability and support.  
Superior Performance
  Control resolution is quadrupled, to reliably deliver all the data you need  
  Enjoy high-level control resolution that provides a noticeable difference at slow speeds. Unprecedented control accuracy ensures the measurement results you want are consistently obtained  
  Easy control of stress and strain  
  Auto tuning of control parameters is now possible in real time, based on measured test force and strain data. Comparisons can be safely made with unknown sample data, without the need for preliminary tests.  
  From small to large forces, your curve is assured  
  A wide 1/1000 to 1/1 certified load cell range assures virtually all testing can be performed without switching the load cell. This reduces the need for time-consuming jig replacements and allows the complete capture of measurement data in a single testing session.  
  Ultra high-speed sampling ensures no missed strength changes  
  Product strength changes aren't missed, thanks to 0.2 msec. (5 kHz) ultrahigh-speed sampling. Easily investigate important regions in detail by changing sampling condition settings during testing.  
  Convenient testing of actual objects  
  Up to 12 channels of data can be simultaneously read by a PC for immediate analysis. Simultaneous handling of data from multiple strain gauges and test force  
  Safe and reliable  
  High-level functionality is meaningless without a high-strength frame. The new frame for the AG-X has been completely redesigned and uses a crosshead guide for all floor and table-top models, thereby improving both torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness.  
  New User-Friendly Software TRAPEZIUM X  
  Shimadzu Trapezium X Software