Capillary / Rheology Testing
Capillary Rheometer / Flow Tester
Shimadzu DUH Series
Shimadzu CFT-500D / 100D
The Shimadzu CFT-500D/100D is a device that is used for evaluating the viscosity of fluid materials such as resins, in terms of their temperature, pressure and flow speed. Two types of systems are available: the "stand-alone type" with excellent cost performance, and the "personal computer type" that allows for advanced data processing...
Mooney Viscometer
Shimadzu DUH Series
Shimadzu SMV-300
The Shimadzu SMV-300 is used to perform two types of testing: Mooney Viscosity Test and Mooney Scorch Test. Mooney Viscosity Test measures the Mooney viscosity of raw rubber and compounded rubber, while Mooney Scorch Test allows the measurements of the scorch characteristics of compounded rubber...