Products Range
 Universal Material Testing  
Universal Testing Machine
Machines for testing and measuring the strength and mechanical behaviour of various materials and components.
- Shimadzu Ag-X Series
- Shimadzu AGS-X Series
- Shimadzu UH Series

Fatigue / Endurance Testing Machine
Multi-Function fatigue testing machines for the fatigue testing of not only test pieces but also parts of actual devices.
- Shimadzu EHF-E Servopulser
- Shimadzu EHF-L Servopulser
- Shimadzu EHF-U Servopulser
- Shimadzu Micro-servo MMT Series
   Fatigue / Endurance Testing
 Hardness Testing   Hardness Testing Machine
Testers for testing the surface strength of a variety of materials from metals to non-metals.
- Shimadzu HMV-2 Series
- Shimadzu DUH-211 Series
- Shimadzu MCT Series
Capillary / Rheology Testing Machine
Testing machines for evaluating the properties of plastics and rubber.
- Shimadzu CFT-500D/100D Series
- Shimadzu SMV-300 Series
   Capillary / Rheology Testing Machine
 Spring Evaluation Tester   Spring Evaluation Tester
A dedicated machine with specialized software for testing coil springs.
- Shimadzu TEOS Series
Structural Testing
Systems for testing the mechanical properties of large building and construction parts.
- Shimadzu Jack Series
  Structural Testing 
Vibration Testing   Vibration Test System
Systems to test whether products can survive vibration stress, such as during transportation.
- Shinken G-0 General Purpose Vibration Test System
- Shinken G-2 Miniature Vibration Test System
- Shinken G-4 High-Frequency Vibration Test System
- Shinken G-6-3 3-Axis Vibration Test System
- Shinken G-8-2 2-Axis Vibration Test System
- Shinken G-9 Vibration Test System for Transportation
Nano-analytical instruments for life sciences and soft matter applications.
- JPK NanoWizard 3
- JPK Tip Assisted Optics
- JPK BioMAT Workstation
- JPK ForceRobot 300
- JPK NanoTracker
- JPK CellHesion 200
   Atomic Force Microscopy

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