Shimadzu is one of the largest suppliers of analytical instrumentation in the world. Since its establishment in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation has incorporated cutting-edge technologies in a diversity of products that have been supplied in large numbers to numerous areas of science and industry. Today, it is a multinational corporation with three major divisions : Medical Diagnostics, Aerospace Industrial, and Analytical Instruments.   Shimadzu Corporation
  Shinken was founded in 1975 by several engineers with many years of experience in and a rich knowledge of vibration technology in centre, and since then has been in action as a specialist in vibration from the development and manufacture of the latest Vibration Test System (VTSs), alleviation of evil influences caused by vibration, to good use of vibration etc. Shinken's achievements in history include: First home-manufactured Digital Vibration Controller, the globally largest Electro-Dynamic 3-axis VTS, a 4-wheel 3-axis Automobile Road-Surface Excitation Simulator used for a variety of studies on vehicles, a large-stroke 3-axis VTS for Siesmic studies and so on   Shinken  
  A1-DES is leading global standard education technology. The A1-DES team started the digital education project in 1995. With over 15 years of work, from research to development, has resulted in the creation of the ePodium and eBoard.    A1-DES 
  JPK is a dynamic nanobiotech-company combining highest technical skills with visionary application. JPK products applies nanotechnology in ways to provide solutions to challenges facing researches in life sciences and soft matter today. Giving the customers dealing with problems on the nanoscale the best instruments and best services for their needs, and to bridge the worlds of nanotechnolgy tools and life science applications with cutting-edge technology and unique applications expertise are JPK's goal.   JPK Instruments
  Kokusai, a world-wide leader in precision balancing, uniformity and gauging equipment is committed to providing products that establish new levels of accuracy, efficiency and productivity.
Established in year 1969, Kokusai has revolutionized the world-wide industrial market. Driven by technology, dedicated to precision, and committed to exceeding critical demands, every Kokusai product is the pinnacle of performance.
  JPK Instruments
  Founded in 1954, Bareiss has always been committing to the manufacturing of the highest quality testing instruments for hardness, abrasion, and elasticity. Much of its technology development has been devoted to the testing solutions of elastomeric materials and plastics. The long history of experience and technology focus on this particular sector of industry have made Bareiss a true profession in providing hardness testing solutions.   Bareiss

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